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Required Postings by The New York State Department of Labor

Andrew Feldman, General Counsel
New York State Department of Labor

There are postings that are required of all employer in New York State. This information is on the New York State Department of Labor website, and these postings can be printed out for your office.

If you go to the Department of Labor’s website,  then select “Laws and Regulations”,  and you will then see a listing and you will need to select “Required Posters”. A chart will come up with the required postings. If you select the name of the poster in the third column of the chart, you will be able to view it and print it. The chart has the postings referenced in paragraphs 1 through 4. 

With regard to the posting required in paragraph 5, regarding unemployment insurance, it states that that form is provided by the Department of Labor to each employer. 

The other forms that need to be posted are a workers’ compensation and disability compliance poster, these are provided to you by your insurance carrier. If this has not been supplied to you, follow up with your insurance carrier. Lastly, you are required to post a no smoking sign where smoking is prohibited. There is no standard sign for this.

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