Hotel Reservations

The NY23 Sleeping Room Block is CLOSED. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: UNAUTHORIZED COMPANIES SOLICITING HOUSING FOR THE NY23 Clinical Conference and Exhibition (Also known as “Room Block Pirates”)

It has come to our attention that unauthorized companies are contacting NY23 Clinical Conference attendees, offering hotel reservations for our events.

Please be advised that the only company authorized to arrange hotel reservations for our meetings are the NY Marriott Marquis through channels provided exclusively from the Foundation for Podiatric Medicine publications and emails. We do not solicit reservations by phone and will never contact you that way, or via fax form.

If you receive a call/email from a company offering to make your hotel reservation, we urge you not to use their services. While the rates may sound attractive, unauthorized companies typically require pre-paid reservations which include steep cancellation and change fees (and reservations are usually non–refundable, and individuals are often moved to other hotels).   Some individuals that reach out are looking for nothing more than to  fraudulently use your credit card for other purposes -  and you could potentially show up to the hotel to find  you have no room.