What is NYPPAC?

The New York State Podiatry Political Action Committee (NYPPAC) is a nonprofit, bipartisan fundraising committee through which podiatrists support state candidates who champion podiatric medicine's issues In New York.

Because of the efforts of NYPPAC and its parent organization, the American Podiatric Medical Association (NYSPMA), the profession has gained a state and national presence as a political force.

NYPPAC neither determines the issues to be addressed on behalf of the profession, nor lobbies on those issues. That is the role of NYSPMA’s Legislative Affairs Committee, Board of Trustees, and lobbying firm.

NYPPAC's role is to support candidates seeking office in the NY Assembly and Senate. The only other legal means for such support is through contributions made directly to a candidate by an individual.

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Who Receives NYPPAC Support?

Funds collected by NYPPAC are in turn contributed to statewide candidates who are selected without regard to a political party. Only candidates seeking a seat in the NY Assembly or Senate may be recipients of NYPPAC's funds. Candidate support is based on:

  1. A candidate's position on issues—Does the incumbent candidate support podiatric medicine's issues? Is he or she accessible to NYSPMA members and lobbyists? If a candidate is a non-incumbent, was he or she supportive in the state or local governing structure?
  2. A candidate's committee appointment—As an incumbent, does the candidate serve on a committee that has jurisdiction over state health policy?
  3. NYSPMA member/state component endorsement—Does the candidate have the backing of NYSPMA members? This criterion is required for support of non-incumbents.


Who May Contribute to NYPPAC?

Members and staff of NYSPMA, their family members, and members and staff of NYSPMA's component divisions may contribute to NYPPAC . Contributions must be from personal funds if they are to be used for contributions to candidates for federal office. Contributions to NYPPAC must be voluntary and do not qualify for an income tax deduction.