Membership for Current Postgraduate Residents and Fellows is FREE!

Did you know that residents and fellows pay NO membership dues, and post-resident members pay REDUCED dues for your first 4 years they are in practice! 

A Postgraduate Member is defined as a DPM who is serving as a resident or fellow; who is a full-time postgraduate student, or a graduate who, during the first year following graduation, has not entered into practice or been admitted to a residency program.

Postgraduate Member categories are broken out into sub-categories: Resident/Fellow, No Residency, Postgraduate, and Non-Practicing Resident:

Resident/Fellow Member

Resident membership can last from one to four years, depending on the length of the program. Fellow membership lasts for one year.

Postgraduate Member

Postgraduate membership is made available to any DPM who has re-entered school as a full-time student. The DPM can be studying any subject. For example, members may be studying law but want to maintain APMA membership.

Written confirmation from the school indicating that the student is in a full-time program and confirming the length of the program is required.

Non-Practicing Resident

A DPM who has completed a residency, fellowship, or postgraduate studies and who has not entered practice or podiatric employment may maintain membership within this category for a maximum period of one APMA fiscal year, or until she enters practice, podiatric employment, or entered another residency program, whichever is earlier.

To apply for resident/fellow membership, please click here.

If you have completed your postgraduate/residency/fellow program and wish to continue your membership, please click here.