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Welcome to the Young Members section of the NYSPMA website. NYSPMA is committed to meeting the needs of young members, including current residents and students!  In doing so, we have created a comprehensive resource for your convenience, the Young Members' Institute! 

The NYSPMA Young Members' Institute (YMI) is both an in-person lecture series and online suite of educational resources designed specifically for young practitioners at key stages in their careers. The tools are designed to meet the needs of three distinct groups of young podiatrists: students, residents, and those in practice for 1-7 years. We want to provide practical, practice-related, and educational resources to young members regarding topics which are often not part of medical school or residency educational curricula. Materials are curated and/or developed by NYSPMA members, profession leaders, and outside sponsors working to support young DPMs. Because of the needs of, and demands on, young practitioners are constantly evolving, so are the resources provided via the Young Members' Institute.  

I want to thank everyone on the committee, NYSPMA, and outside sponsors for making this project possible!

Comments and suggestions are always welcome as we continue to grow the resources available on this site. Please forward all communication to Kaitlin Walter (


Jackie Prevete, DPM

Chair, NYSPMA Young Members Committee

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APMA Young Physician's Institute

The Young Physicians' Institute (YPI) is put together by APMA and held once yearly in the fall, attracting young practitioners from around the country. The YPI is the ideal opportunity for newer practitioners and those in residency to expand their leadership skills, learn about growing a practice, and hear from experts on financial planning and other critical issues. Attendees take the knowledge gained back to their state component and help ensure the future success of the profession.

The program varies from year to year but it includes topics such as, how to present yourself as a leader, physician burnout, cybersecurity, how to talk to your colleagues about MIPS, and a panel discussion about the role of young physicians at the APMA House of Delegates. For a full agenda, please visit the APMA site HERE

NYSPMA actively sponsors 1 young member from New York each year to attend! For further details, please contact NYSPMA Executive Director Dan Kline (

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Thank You to Our Wonderful Sponsors!